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Project Three

From Pencil to Mouse: The 21st Century Animation House

Research Report and Studio Production

Project 3 - "Bully and The Beast" 

A short animated narrative. 

A mild mannered fly uses an unexpected alliance to deceive a bully. 

The work has been developed within the context of researcher/teacher/practitioner and reflects all three disciplines. It is contextualized as such to extend the process of skill transfer and continuous improvement and not purely as an artistic enquiry. 

The scope of the project is general and broad due to the nature of the study and requirements in multi-skilling. It reflects the use of materials and processes within an educational context and not a studio context. 

Bully and the Beast was a finalist in the 2007 Australian Effects and Animation Festival, 

referenced in Digital Media World Magazine Issue 98, page 51, 2007. 

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