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From Pencil to Mouse: The 21st Century Animation House

Research Report and Studio Production

The fast pace of change within the animation, computer game and post production industries has presented a problem for Vocational Education and Training (VET) programme developers who are finding it increasingly difficult to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest employability skill-sets in this industry sector. A comprehensive study of the Australian digital media industry - including the latest systems, software, technologies and production pipelines - is not readily available, making it difficult for Training Package developers to create up-to-date, flexible, meaningful and transferable qualifications.


In response to this problem, this research was undertaken to identify the needs and realities of work required for the production of digital content within the Australasian digital media and post-production industry sectors. Employability skill-sets and attributes have been recognized and categorized through a skills audit (quantitative data) of position descriptions and role statements advertised over a six year period. Progressive levels of skill, knowledge, problem solving and attitude have been applied to the researcher’s own studio production through an Action Research process. 

This report documents the research and reports on findings identified through industry position descriptors making recommendations to support the integration of the new digital animation skills through a framework of progressive qualifications. 



Keith Bradbury 

Dr Glenda Nalder 

Professor John Stevenson 

Andrew Goode 

©2007 DRKEL

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